Q-Learning Agent Playing Connect-Four

   To explore Deep Q-learning and try out some new techniques, I coded a reinforcement learning algorithm that plays Connect Four.


 Getting Started with the ESP32

   This is a short guide on how to setup your embedded development environment for the ESP32 using CLion. In it, I explain how to avoid the mistakes I made, and why I recommend the more powerful (although more complicated) esp-idf toolchain rather than the Arduino one.


 Development of Digital Engineering Toolbox

   From the group projects during my aerospace engineering bachelor, I have discovered a set of best practices that I am now developing further into OpenDET. The aim of the 'Open Digital Engineering Toolbox', currently in early development, is to enable a fully digital engineering process: 'develop physical products at the speed of digital products'. It is inspired by the publicly available information around Lockheed Martins' StarDrive and Boeing's T-7A. Linked below is an initial exploration of what OpenDET should offer.


 Managing a MySQL database for personal projects

   This is a short guide on how to manage a MySQL database using Docker. After a quick introduction to how to spin up the database, a database export and import procedure is outlined.


 Home Heating Control System

   This project was started to save energy and increase comfort. The goal is to create a system that allows user to control the temperature in any room both following a schedule and temporary overrides. Currently on hold, it will consist of ESP32 nodes with temperature sensor and motor powered by batteries, connected over WiFI to a central server that will also provide a user interface through an Apple HomeKit bridge.